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The genetics of impulsivity: evidence for the heritability of delay discounting

By: Andrey P. Anokhinemail, Julia D. Grant, Richard C. Mulligan, Andrew C. Heath Biological Psychiatry November 6, 2014 Abstract Background Delay discounting (DD), a decline in the subjective value ... Read more »

Familial Recurrence of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Evaluating Genetic and Environmental Contributions

By: Neil Risch, Thomas J. Hoffmann, Meredith Anderson, Lisa A. Croen, Judith K. Grether, Gayle C. Windham American Journal of Psychiatry Volume 171 Issue 11 ... Read more »

Newborn Screening: Complexities in Universal Genetic Testing

Nancy S. Green, MD, Siobhan M. Dolan, MD, MPH, and Thomas H. Murray, PhD American Journal of Public Health  ABSTRACT  Newborn screening (NBS)—in which each newborn infant ... Read more »

Serving epigenetics before its time

By Eric T. Juengst, Jennifer R. Fishman, Michelle L. McGowan, and Richard A. Settersten Jr. Trends in Genetics, Cell Press Volume 30, Issue 10 pp 427-29 October 2014 Society ... Read more »

The height of folly: are the causes of stature numerous but at least ‘finite’?

By Ken Weiss The Mermaid's Tale In 1926, geneticist Thomas Hunt Morgan wrote this about stature: A man may be tall because he has long legs, or ... Read more »

Principles of Psychiatric Genetics

Edited by John I. Nurnberger Jr. and Wade H. Berrettini Reviewed by Ming T. Tsuang amd Joyce van de Leemput American Journal of Psychiatry Vol. 171, No. ... Read more »

Effect of Enhanced Information, Values Clarification, and Removal of Financial Barriers on Use of Prenatal Genetic Testing A Randomized Clinical Trial

By Miriam Kuppermann, PhD, MPH; Sherri Pena, MS; Judith T. Bishop, CNM; Sanae Nakagawa, MA; Steven E. Gregorich, PhD; Anita Sit, MD; Juan Vargas, ... Read more »

Bad news for “intelligence-genes”

By Johanna Ahola-Launonen Practical Ethics Ethics in the News September 29, 2014 Intelligence and its heritability has been a popular topic in scientific communities and public discussions for ... Read more »

Toward a Jurisprudence of Psychiatric Evidence: Examining the Challenges of Reasoning from Group Data in Psychiatry to Individual Decisions in the Law

By Carl E. Fisher, David L. Faigman, & Paul S. Appelbaum UC Hastings Research Paper No. 110 August 17, 2014 Abstract Psychiatry is an applied science. It ... Read more »

Gatekeepers or Intermediaries? The Role of Clinicians in Commercial Genomic Testing

Michelle L. McGowan, Jennifer R. Fishman, Richard A. Settersten, Jr., Marcie A. Lambrix, and Eric T. Juengst PLOS One  ABSTRACT  Background Many commentators on “direct-to-consumer” genetic risk information ... Read more »
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