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Eating in the absence of hunger but not loss of control behaviors are associated with 16p11.2 deletions

By Richard Gill, Qixuan Chen, Debra D'Angelo, and Wendy Chung Obesity Abstract  Objective The ∼600-kb BP4-BP5 16p11.2 deletion has been consistently associated with obesity. We studied two heritable ... Read more »

Genetics and intelligence differences: five special findings.

By Robert Plomin & Ian J. Deary Molecular Psychiatry September 16, 2014 Abstract Intelligence is a core construct in differential psychology and behavioural genetics, and should be so ... Read more »

Humanized Foxp2 accelerates learning by enhancing transitions from declarative to procedural performance

By Christiane Schreiweisa, Ulrich Bornscheinb, Eric Burguière et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America September 15, 2014 Abstract The ... Read more »

Life Is Random

By Cailin O'Connor Slate September 12, 2014 Biologists now realize that “nature vs. nurture” misses the importance of noise. Click here for full article Read more »

Common genetic variants associated with cognitive performance identified using the proxy-phenotype method

By Cornelius A. Rietveld, Tõnu Eskoc, Gail Davies et al. Abstract We identify common genetic variants associated with cognitive performance using a two-stage approach, which ... Read more »

The Stupidity of the “Smart Gene”

By Jessica Cussins September 17, 2014 Biopolitical Times Science writer David Dobbs has definitively described the voracious appetite of the “selfish gene” meme, pointing out that ... Read more »

Mice Become Smarter With Addition of Single Human Gene

By Carl Engelking Discover Magazine September 16, 2014 In an experiment that could explain the origin of the maniacal mouse in “Pinky and the Brain,” researchers spliced ... Read more »

Uncovering the Hidden Risk Architecture of the Schizophrenias: Confirmation in Three Independent Genome-Wide Association Studies

Javier Arnedo, Dragan M. Svrakic & Coral del Val et al. The American Journal of Psychiatry September 15, 2014 Abstract Objective The authors sought to ... Read more »

Interactive Effects of the COMT Gene and Training on Individual Differences in Supervisory Control of Unmanned Vehicles

By Raja Parasuraman et al. Human Factors: The Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics Society June 2014 Abstract Objective: We examined whether a gene known to influence ... Read more »

Anticipate and Communicate: Ethical Management of Incidental and Secondary Findings in the Clinical, Research, and Direct-to-Consumer Contexts

By Christine Weiner American Journal of Epidemiology Volume 180, Issue 6 August 22, 2014 Abstract Genomic population research increases the possibility of finding genetic coding anomalies that are ... Read more »
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