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New strategy could uncover genes at the root of psychiatric illnesses

Science Daily July 3, 2014 Understanding the basis of psychiatric disorders has been extremely challenging because there are many genetic variants that may increase risk but ... Read more »

Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics: From the Bench to the Clinic

By: Celeste M. Karch, Carlos Cruchaga, Alison M. Goate Neuron Volume 83, Issue 1 July 2014 Abstract Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a clinically heterogeneous neurodegenerative disease with a ... Read more »

Genetic Mutation May Lead to Autism Subtype

Scientific American July 3, 2014 CHD8, a gene that regulates the structure of DNA, is the closest thing so far to an “autism gene”. Click here ... Read more »

Recent Advances in the Epidemiology and Genetics of Bipolar Disorder

Kathlees Ries Merikangas, PhD National Institute of Mental Health Genome TV Click here to watch full video lecture Read more »

Large-scale genomics unveils the genetic architecture of psychiatric disorders

By Jacob Gratten, Naomi R Wray, Matthew C Keller, & Peter M Visscher Nature Neuroscience 17, 782–790 (2014) Abstract Family study results are consistent with genetic ... Read more »

The genetics of music accomplishment: Evidence for gene–environment correlation and interaction

By David Z. Hambrick & Elliot M. Tucker-Drob Psychonomic Bulletin & Review June 2014 Abstract Theories of skilled performance that emphasize training history, such as K. Anders Ericsson ... Read more »

The Genomic Revolution and Beliefs about Essential Racial Differences: A Backdoor to Eugenics?

By Jo C. Phelan, Bruce G. Link, and Naumi M. Feldman Am Sociol Rev. Apr 1, 2013; 78(2): 167–191 Abstract Could the explosion of genetic research in ... Read more »

Public preferences for the return of research results in genetic research: a conjoint analysis

By Juli Murphy Bollinger, John F.P. Bridges, Ateesha Mohamed, & David Kaufman Genetics in Medicine May 22, 2014 Abstract Purpose: Recent policies specifying criteria about which individual ... Read more »

Alzheimer’s Disease: The Forgetting Gene

By Laura Spinney Nature June 4, 2014 For decades, most researchers ignored the leading genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. That is set to change. To read the ... Read more »

Gene Panel Helps Predict Alcoholism Risk

The Suncoast News May 29, 2014 A group of 11 genes can predict whether an individual is at increased risk of alcoholism, a research team from ... Read more »
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