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Genetic risk prediction and neurobiological understanding of alcoholism

By DF Levey et al. Translational Psychiatry (2014) 4, e391 We have used a translational Convergent Functional Genomics (CFG) approach to discover genes involved in alcoholism, ... Read more »

Genome-Wide Association Study of Opioid Dependence: Multiple Associations Mapped to Calcium and Potassium Pathways

Joel Gelernter et al. Biological Psychiatry 2014;76:66-74. Background We report a genome-wide association study (GWAS) of two populations, African-American and European-American (AA, EA) for opioid dependence (OD) ... Read more »

The Double Helix Takes the Witness Stand: Behavioral and Neuropsychiatric Genetics in Court

By Paul S. Appelbaum Neuron 82, June 4, 2014 Data on neuropsychiatric and behavioral genetics have attracted legal interest, as attorneys explore their use in criminal and ... Read more »

Child Care, Socio-economic Status and Problem Behavior: A Study of Gene–Environment Interaction in Young Dutch Twins

By Christel M. Middeldorp et al. Behavioral Genetics May 2014 The influences of formal child care before age 4 on behavioral problems at 3, 5, and ... Read more »

Epigenetic traces of childhood maltreatment in peripheral blood: a new strategy to explore gene–environment interactions

By Rudolf Uher and Ian C. G. Weaver The British Journal of Psychiatry June 2014, 204(6):3-5. Abstract Maltreatment in childhood affects mental health over the life course. New ... Read more »

The Association of Telomere Length With Family Violence and Disruption

By Stacy S. Drury et al. June 16, 2014 Pediatrics  Abstract BACKGROUND: To enhance the understanding of biological mechanisms connecting early adversity and negative health, we examine the ... Read more »

Informed Consent for Human Genetic and Genomic Studies: A Systematic Review

By Aiman ‘Izzaty Bte Akhbar Khan, Benjamin James Capps, Min Yi Sum, Carissa Nadia Kuswanto, and Kang Sim April 18, 2014 Clinical Genetics  As genetic and genomic studies grow in scale, there are ... Read more »

Convergence of Advances in Genomics, Team Science and Repositories as Drivers of Progress in Psychiatric Genomics

By: Thomas Lehner, Geetha Senthil, Anjené M. Addington Biological Psychiatry January 16, 2014 Abstract After many years of unfilled promise, psychiatric genetics has seen an unprecedented number of ... Read more »

Behaviour and biology: The accidental epigeneticist

By: Stephen S. Hall Nature News December 30, 2013 By studying disadvantaged children, Richard Tremblay has traced the roots of chronic aggressive behaviour back as far ... Read more »

Prenatal Whole-Genome Sequencing– Is the Quest to Know a Fetus’s Future Ethical?

By: Ilana R. Yurkiewicz, BS, Bruce R. Korf, MD, PhD, and Lisa Soleymani Lehmann, MD, PhD New England Journal of Medicine January 16, 2014 Researchers have reported ... Read more »
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