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Who’s afraid of math? Study finds some genetic factors

Science Daily March 17, 2014 A new study of math anxiety shows how some people may be at greater risk to fear math not only because ... Read more »

Arguments for the Sake of Endophenotypes: Examining Common Misconceptions About the Use of Endophenotypes in Psychiatric Genetics

By: David C. Glahn, Emma E.M. Knowles, D. Reese McKay, Emma Sprooten, Henriette Ravento´s, John Blangero, Irving I Gottesman, and Laura Almasy January 24, 2014 American Journal ... Read more »

Psychiatric Genetics Hold Great Promise

By: Joan Arehart-Treichel March 20, 2014 DOI: 10.1176/appi.pn.2014.3a1 Psychiatric News While clinical applications of genetic findings relevant to psychiatric disorders are still in their infancy, the field ... Read more »

Reviewing Self-Injuries in Macaques: The Role of Early Experience and Genetics in an Integrated Non-Human Model

By: Juan D. Molina, Mario de la Calle Real, Alfonso Ramos Ruiz, Francisco López-Muñoz, Maria José Muñoz Algar, Cristina Andrade-Rosa, Francisco Toledo-Romero Journal of Behavioral ... Read more »

Critical role of one gene to our brain development

Health Canal 03/14/2014 New research from the University of Adelaide has confirmed that a gene linked to intellectual disability is critical to the earliest stages ... Read more »

NIH rethinks psychiatry trials

By: Sara Reardon March 14, 2014 Nature News Mental-health division will no longer fund research aiming to relieve symptoms without probing underlying causes. Click here for full article Read more »

Public Understandings of Addiction: Where do Neurobiological Explanations Fit?

By: Carla Meurk, Adrian Carter, Wayne Hall, Jayne Lucke Neuroethics April 2014 Volume 7, Issue 1, pp51-62 Abstract Developments in the field of neuroscience, according to its proponents, offer ... Read more »

After Death, Twins’ Brains Reveal Similar Damage

Posted by Suzanne Wu on February 26, 2014 Despite widespread use of a single term, Alzheimer’s disease is actually a diverse collection of diseases, symptoms, ... Read more »

Convergence of Advances in Genomics, Team Science, and Repositories as Drivers of Progress in Psychiatric Genomics

By Thomas Lehner, Geetha Senthil, and Anjene M. Addington Biological Psychiatry (2014) After many years of unfilled promise, psychiatric genetics has seen an unprecedented number of successes ... Read more »

The Documentation of Consent and Disclosure of Neurogenetic Testing Outside Clinical Genetics

By C. Lo, J. Martindale, M. Hadjivassiliou, P. Martin, A. DAlton, O. Bandmann Neurogenetics (2014) Neurogenetic tests are increasingly requested by clinical neurologists without any formal training in ... Read more »
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