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Impact of Behavioral Genetic Evidence on the Perceptions and Dispositions of Child Abuse Victims

By Raad R. Appelbaum P.S. Public Health Genomics 2015 Abstract Background: Behavioral genetic research is beginning to elucidate some of the genetic contributions to human behaviors - including ... Read more »

The translational potential of research on the ethical, legal, and social implications of genomics

By Wylie Burke, Paul Appelbaum, Lauren Dame, Patricia Marshall, Nancy Press, Reed Pyeritz, Richard Sharp, Eric Juengst Genetics in Medicine 2014 Abstract Federally funded research on the ethical, ... Read more »

Ethical, legal, social, and policy issues in the use of genomic technology by the U.S. Military

By: Maxwell J. Mehlman and Tracy Yeheng Li Journal of Law and Biosciences Volume 1, Issue 3 Abstract Advances in genomic science are attracting the interest of the ... Read more »

Center’s Deputy Director Dr. Ruth Ottman Receives American Epilepsy Society Research Award

Ruth Ottman, PhD, deputy director of the Columbia Center for Research on Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Psychiatric, Neurologic, and Behavioral Genetics and professor ... Read more »

The Role of Parental Cognitive, Behavioral, and Motor Profiles in Clinical Variability in Individuals With Chromosome 16p11.2 Deletions

By Andres Moreno-De-Luca et al. JAMA Psychiatry December 10, 2014 Abstract Importance Most disorders caused by copy number variants (CNVs) display significant clinical variability, often referred ... Read more »

The Downside of the Downside of Resilience: A New York Times Oped Ventures Into Dangerous Territory

By Laura Hercher The DNA Exchange December 3, 2014 "Although we take seriously the threat of genetic discrimination, there aren’t a lot of examples you can offer. ... Read more »

The Downside of Resilience

By Jay Belsky The New York Times November 28, 2014 "BEHIND a half-century of policies to promote child development, there lies an assumption: that children are essentially ... Read more »

New Gene Studies Suggest There Are Hundreds of Kinds of Autism

By Sarah Deweerdt, Sfari Wired November 25, 2014 "Geoffrey Ondrich and Waylon Cude are both 16 years old. Both boys have autism, and both would rather ... Read more »

Genome-wide studies of verbal declarative memory in non-demented older people: the CHARGE consortium

By Stéphanie Debette et al. Biological Psychiatry November 25, 2014 Abstract Background Memory performance in older persons can reflect genetic influences on cognitive function and dementing processes. We ... Read more »

Whole-Genome Sequencing of the World’s Oldest People

By: Hinco J. Gierman et al. PLOS One November 12, 2014 Abstract Supercentenarians (110 years or older) are the world’s oldest people. Seventy four are alive ... Read more »
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