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The Hidden Efficacy of Interventions: Gene×Environment Experiments from a Differential Susceptibility Perspective

By Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg & Marinus H. van IJzendoorn Annual Review of Psychology January 2015 Abstract The efficacy of interventions might be underestimated or even go undetected as ... Read more »

The Tide Has Come In and The Line in The Sand Is Gone: Decision Time on Human Germline Engineering

By Laura Hercher April 6, 2015 The DNA Exchange For decades we have speculated about what it might mean to be able to change the genes ... Read more »

Overcoming challenges to meaningful informed consent for whole genome sequencing in pediatric cancer research

By Jennifer A. Oberg et al. Pediatric Blood & Cancer April 1, 2015 Abstract Background Introducing whole genome sequencing (WGS) into pediatric cancer research at diagnosis poses unique challenges ... Read more »

Study reveals how genetic changes lead to familial Alzheimer’s disease

National Institutes of Health March 11, 2015 Mutations in the presenilin-1 gene are the most common cause of inherited, early-onset forms of Alzheimer’s disease. In a ... Read more »

Unregulated web marketing of genetic tests for personalized cancer care raises concerns in new study

Dana Farber Cancer Center March 05, 2015 Websites that market personalized cancer care services often overemphasize their purported benefits and downplay their limitations, and many sites ... Read more »

Thought-Controlled Genes Could Someday Help Us Heal

By Simon Makin Scientific American February 12, 2015 People can control prosthetic limbs, computer programs and even remote-controlled helicopters with their mind, all by using brain-computer ... Read more »

Media debates and ‘ethical publicity’ on social sex selection through preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) technology in Australia

By: Andrea Whittaker Culture, Health & Sexuality: An International Journal for Research, Intervention and Care March 24, 2015 Abstract This paper offers a critical discourse analysis of media ... Read more »

Unwarranted Optimism in Media Portrayals of Genetic Research on Addiction Overshadows Critical Ethical and Social Concerns

By: Jenny E. Ostergren, Molly J. Dingel, Jennifer B. McCormick & Barbara A. Koenig Journal of Health Communication: International Perspectives March 25, 2015 Abstract The cost of addiction ... Read more »

Ethics of genetic and biomarker test disclosures in neurodegenerative disease prevention trials.

By Scott Y.H. Kim, Jason Karlawish, Benjamin E. Berkman Neurology March 2015 Abstract OBJECTIVE: Prevention trials for neurodegenerative diseases use genetic or other risk marker tests to select participants ... Read more »

Genetic Investigation of Autism-Related Social Communication Deficits

By Daniel B. Campbell American Journal of Psychiatry March 2015 Autism spectrum disorder includes a deficit in social communication as one of its underlying elements or endophenotypes. ... Read more »
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