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Hasting Center Report Special Issue: The Genetics of Intelligence: Ethics and the Conduct of Trustworthy Research

Parens E, Appelbaum PS (eds.). Special Report: The genetics of intelligence: ethics and the conduct of trustworthy research. Hastings Center Report 2015;45 Suppl 1:S1-72.
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An Introduction to Thinking about Trustworthy Research into the Genetics of Intelligence

Parens E, Appelbaum PS. An introduction to thinking about trustworthy research into the genetics of intelligence. Hastings Center Report 2015;45 Suppl 1:S2-8.
The advent of new technologies has rekindled some hopes that it will be possible to identify genetic variants that will help to explain why ... Read more »

Increasing Participation in Genomic Research and Biobanking Through Community-Based Capacity Building

Cohn EG, Husamudeen M, Larson EL, Williams JK. Increasing participation in genomic research and biobanking through community-based capacity building. Journal of Genetic Counseling 2015;24(3):491-502. NIHMS771271.
Achieving equitable minority representation in genomic biobanking is one of the most difficult challenges faced by researchers today. Capacity building—a framework for research that ... Read more »

Trustworthy Research Institutions: The Challenging Case of Studying the Genetics of Intelligence

Johnston J, Banerjee MP, Geller G. Trustworthy research institutions: the challenging case of studying the genetics of intelligence, Hastings Center Report 2015;45(5):S59-S65.
It is simple enough to claim that academic research institutions ought to be trustworthy. Building the culture and taking the steps necessary to earn ... Read more »

Drifting Away from Informed Consent in the Era of Personalized Medicine

Parens E. Drifting away from informed consent in the era of personalized medicine. Hastings Center Report 2015;45(4):16-20.
The price of sequencing all the DNA in a person's genome is falling so fast that, according to one biotech leader, soon it won't ... Read more »

The Need for Vigilance in the Marketing of Genomic Tests in Psychiatry

Klitzman R. The need for vigilance in the marketing genomic tests in psychiatry. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. 2015;203(10):809-810.
Recently, several for-profit companies have been developing and marketing genetic tests to psychiatrists, yet the clinical utility of these is not always clear, posing ... Read more »

Controversies Concerning Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy

Klitzman R, Toynbee M, Sauer M. Controversies concerning mitochondrial replacement therapy. Fertility and Sterility 2015;103(2):344-346.
Research on mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT) holds the promise of helping women who have, or are at risk of transmitting, mitochondrial disease, but has ... Read more »

Genetic causal attribution of epilepsy and its implications for felt stigma

Sabatello M, Phelan J, Hesdorffer D, Shostak S, Goldsmith J, Sorge S, Winawer M, Chung WK, Ottman R. Genetic causal attribution of epilepsy and its implications. Epilepsia 2015;56(10):1542-50. PMC4593736.
Objective: Research in other disorders suggests that genetic causal attribution of epilepsy might be associated with increased stigma. We investigated this hypothesis in a unique ... Read more »

Regulating Gamete Donation in the U.S.: Ethical, Legal and Social Implications

Sabatello, M. Regulating Gamete Donation in the U.S.: Ethical, Legal and Social Implications. Laws 2015, 4, 352-376.
This article explores the practice of gamete donation in the U.S. having in mind the larger question of what do we as a society ... Read more »

Sociology in an Age of Genomic Instability: Copy Number Variation, Somatic Mosaicism, and the Fallen Genome

Lappé M, Landecker H. Sociology in an age of genomic instability: copy number variation, somatic mosaicism, and the fallen genome, in Advances in Medical Sociology: Health, Genetics, and Society, Brea Perry (Ed). London, UK: Emerald, 2015.
This study analyzes the rise of genome instability in the life sciences and traces the problematic of instability as it relates to the sociology ... Read more »
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